Reflect and Resist

International Action April 2017. Reflect and Resist: Intersectional Feminism

The latest International Action is to Reflect and Resist. The idea is to take time by reading, by talking, by thinking about how we can be a truly inclusive movement.

The international website explains it this way: The feminist movement has a complex history. It is a powerful movement that has gained monumental victories, yet one cannot speak about feminism without acknowledging the dismal lack of representation for, and at times an active sidelining and silencing of the issues facing women of colour, women with disabilities, sex workers, low-income women, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Women’s March is committed to learning from this history in order to guide our collective work with an intentionally intersectional approach.

Reflect and Resist

Videos to watch are Know Your Baldwin or I Am Not Your Negro.

Stop trying to own intersectionality

To my white brothers and sisters: Stop trying to own intersectionality

Read a local challenge on intersectionality by Ghazaleh Globakhsh

Someone needs to write a feminist dictionary. Something that would answer questions like, ‘What the fuck is intersectionality?’ It would be an important first step towards ensuring we were all on the same page, and a precursor to the necessary conversations we need to have about the deeper meanings and contested applications of such feminist terms.

Contemporary Feminism 1: Feminism - the Morning After

Contemporary Feminism 1: Feminism – the Morning After

Listen to a panel on being an inclusive feminist in New Zealand.

In this first of a series of three panel discussions about contemporary feminism, Eva Radich talks with four leading figures from the era of 1970s to today.

The session, entitled ‘Feminism: The Morning After’ brings together stand-up comedian Michèle A’Court; the co-founder of the feminist magazine Anne Else; Dr Jackie Blue, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner; and the veteran cultural activist Professor Ngahuia Te Awekotuku to consider what has been won, but also what battles from the past women are still fighting today. The series was recorded at City Gallery Wellington in association with the major retrospective exhibition of works by the USA artist Cindy Sherman.

Lean Back Critical Feminist Conversations

Lean Back – Critical Feminist Conversations

A good podcast to listen to is Lean Back – Critical Feminist Conversations By Lisa Corrigan, Laura Weiderhaft

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