#ThyeAreUs World Refugee Day 2017

 They Are Us


In transit and destination countries, refugees and migrants are met by increasing intolerance and xenophobia, attitudes that are fuelled by populist, far right discourse.

Women’s March Global calls for effective and comprehensive refugee and migration policies that ensure the safety and protection of the rights of all migrants and refugees, including women and girls. We call for access to adequate housing, education for children, language and skills training, and resettlement free from discrimination and violence.

11 – ­20 June, we will share stories of refugees and the grassroots organisations that support them. We are working to break down the walls of fear and mistrust and create a narrative of solidarity. Because we believe it is possible. Because #TheyAreUs.

Be a part of the solution

  • Retweet, share and like the daily stories (of refugees and civic action groups) that we will post on WM_Global SM ­ let’s make more people aware.
  • Use the hashtags #TheyareUs // #JustLikeMe // -­ help us trend.
  • On June 17 we will be sharing a petition that will be presented to the European Union, please push this petition out far and wide on that day – help us get the word out.
  • On June 20 participate in our online vigil by adding our filter/frame to your Facebook profile pic and using the colour blue on your Instagram and Twitter profiles ­- show your solidarity.

Other local actions you can take

  • ­ Contact organisations supporting refugees in your communities and ask how you can help.
  • Promote and join local initiatives and events organised on World Refugee Day, June 20th.
  • Find ways to meet refugees and migrants in your community, listen to their experience and their needs, and organise discussion groups and conversations with your friends and colleagues.
  • Contact your representatives and call for effective refugee and migration policies that reject a “Us versus Them” mentality and guarantee the rights and successful resettlement of refugees and migrants.

The daily peril in the form of violence and risk of death are very real, and experienced by an unprecedented number of people, even as they are driven from their homes by violent conflict and persecution. By now we are familiar with the images of people willing to risk their lives in an attempt to reach safety, embarking on risky, even deadly journeys. In fact, since 2000, over 46000 people have died during their journey ­ with countless more deaths on that have gone unreported.

Also under-reported is the extent of exploitation, violence and abuse, most particularly of women and children, not only underway but once in refugee camps. The number of violent incidents escalates as the number of unaccompanied and separated children has dramatically increased. The trauma caused to people who are just like you and me is immeasurable and must be stopped.

Our new neighbours seek the same secure future for their families that each of us wishes. As our neighbours, they enrich our communities and our humanity.

Women’s March Global stands up for the rights of refugees and migrants and entirely rejects the “us vs. them” mentality that feeds suspicion, mistrust and xenophobia. We call for the implementation of more just refugee and migration policies today.

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