Women’s March Aotearoa NZ joins National Council of Women NZ

Women’s March Aotearoa New Zealand is proud to announce that we have joined the National Council of Women NZ.

Our membership reflects our continuing efforts to build networks with service providers and policy makers across New Zealand who are also concerned with advancing the rights of women.

Their strategic vision is a gender equal New Zealand. By building understanding and driving action for gender equality, they enable New Zealanders to have the freedom and opportunity to determine their own future.

NCWNZ believe the reasons for gender inequality are entrenched in our culture. They drive cultural change and hold New Zealand accountable for its progress to achieve equality. They are tackling this problem at its root cause and by taking a long, hard look at New Zealand’s language and attitudes towards gender.

Established by our founding President Kate Sheppard in 1896, NCWNZ has around 250 member organisations at a national or local level representing over 100,000 women with many member organisations representing all genders. They have 19 branches around the country, and represent a collaborative network covering membership, public, private and not for profit organisations.

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