Friends of HELP for Sexual Abuse in Wellington Launched

Sexual Abuse HELP Wellington have launched Friends of HELP with this wonderful video of the flash mob signing #icantkeepquiet.

Led by the wonderful Carol Shortis, the singers braved Cuba Street on the only rain-free few hours of a very wet Wellington day.  Fresh from the Women’s Marches, MILCK, the American singer / survivor, let HELP use her song, I Can’t Keep Quiet, as the basis for the flash mob – and her publicist Laura Goldfarb supplied the studio audio for free, because she knew it mattered.

And the song #icantkeepquiet keeps evolving – it’s just been translated into te reo Maori thanks to Aio Gilvray-Te Hau. Carol Shortis will make a new arrangement.

You’re invited to be part of HELP because change happens when people push for it. Because NOPE really does mean NO.

About Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP

Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP works with survivors of sexual abuse and their whānau – of any age, gender or ethnicity. We provide a 24 hour crisis line. We also provide support and counselling services for anyone who has experienced rape or sexual abuse, or who is concerned about a friend or family member.

We have been working with survivors of sexual abuse in the Wellington region since 1985, and in Porirua since 2005. We also cover the Kāpiti coast.

HELP is a charitable trust which relies on government and philanthropic grants for its operation, as well as donations from the public.

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